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  • Idioma: CASTELLANO
  • Formatos: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
  • ISBN: 9786073189033
  • Editorial: GRIJALBO

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Descargar libro electrónico deutsch gratis MARATHON iBook PDB


Red circle: #YourMarathon is what moves you, what gives you hope, and what makes you get out of bed every morning without an alarm clock.

What´s your marathon? Are you already running it? Are you about to take off? Are you just receiving the calling? Marathon, the challenge that requires preparation, courage, passion, and guts so that you can face off with yourself.

This is not a book about the advantages of running, nor does it contain tips to improve your scores. Rather, these pages get us closer to the war that as a Marathon runner every person fights in their head, which is the same battle that you deal with when you want to go beyond your limits and reach your own goals. The arena for this battle isn´t a track, it´s in the mind: that place where in some moments you´re a slave, an insurgent, a lover, a conquistador, a victim, a criminal, a gladiator, or even a Jedi Knight.

Marathon is an intense book, intimate and original, in which you´ll tour Mexico City, Paris, Papantla, Houston, and Rome. You´ll visit the heart of the most emblematic competition in track and field and, between euphoria, frustration, searching, music, and revenge, you´ll run 42 kilometers of learning.

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